Toward the Sun

The first beautiful and warm weekend of the season made its presence known. I met it with arms wide opened. Saturday, on the way to hang out with friends in the park, I made a detour to District Flea where I scored an awesome pair of hammered gold earrings. Should I make it up to NYC, I’ll make certain to visit the woman from whose shop I purchased the earrings.

hammered gold earrings

She had some really great pieces, but I had to be conservative with spending money and thus only purchased the earrings. I slipped them in my bag and went on my way to dance it up in the park.

We congregated in the city to enjoy the sun and dance and have been doing this since last summer. This past Saturday was no exception. While waiting for folks, I sat on the fountain’s edge and worked on my tan. I also continued my read of Julian Barnes’s book of essays, Something to Declare (it feeds a bit of my own Francophilia), as I waited. Once the dancing got underway, I stayed for several hours, laughing and chatting between dances that I sat out. My hair collected the falling seeds or whatever it was from the nearby trees, making it more concrete that I had taken advantage of the gorgeous weather.

The following day I spent two hours at the gym for the classes I like the most–barre and Zumba. Afterward, I tried a run on the National Mall. I’ve done it previous weekends, but I’m not certain how I could have forgotten about the Cherry Blossom Festival. The gravelly stretch of the Mall was quite fine, but then I had the bright idea to run near the Jefferson Memorial. That was a debacle as no running actually occurred. The throng of people descending on the memorial made it so that I slowed down to a walk, a walk so frustrating that I turned back around and headed back to my gym. There was simply no room to pass, and I had the thought that I’d attempt a run next weekend.

The weekend continued with me meeting up with my good girlfriends for dinner. We sat near the open door of the restaurant, which can be fun when you’re a people watcher like I am. Between participating in conversation with the girls, my attention was called to passersby on the sidewalk only three yards away. The weekend of activity came to a close with a cool breeze, a glass of wine, and more laughter.


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