The Door Opens…

This space is always the  hardest to fill. What’s my mission with this blog? How do I start? These are always questions I have when I start any writing project because I love words–the way they flow, or the ways in which the writer pairs them, links them, partners them.

This blog isn’t a writer’s blog, per se. I won’t write about writing; I tried that. I started a Tumblr and everything. I wrote about the texts I read. I analyzed why writer’s block creeps in and settles like an omnipresent gray fog. It started to feel all too meta. I’ve decided that I’ll use this environment to detail the happenings in my world. Of course writing is part of that life, but that won’t be all that finds residence in this here blog.

I relocated to D.C., which is to say that I made the official move from Maryland into the city. The move allows for greater ease. I don’t have to worry too much about dealing with the 95s–95 and 495–just to meet up with friends or go to the gym or go to a yoga class. The last two in the list were in D.C. precisely because I work in Northern Virginia, and it made more sense to complete my workout in D.C. just before getting home. I would have been too tired to have ever finished my metro commute and hop into a car to get to the gym. It simply would not have happened. Now that I live in D.C., I feel as though I have all the time in the world.

If there’s an event after work, I can get to my apartment, drop off my lunch bag (I pack lunch most days. Only less than a handful of times a month will I visit a food truck), freshen up, and be right back out the door. Previously, as I lived in Maryland and left my car at the train station on work days, I had such an awful commute that if I wanted to go to a happy hour or go out for dinner, I either had to tote my large commuter purse (innards include cell phone, umbrella, writing journal, novel, wallet, keys, SMART card, pens, work badge, small makeup bag, ear buds, cell phone charger) along with the lunch bag, which is awkward when real estate in restaurants or on cocktail tables is limited, or meet later. Meeting later consisted of fulfilling my round-trip commute to retrieve my car so that I could drive back into the city. You can imagine the mileage put on my car.

Since the move just over a month ago, I’ve been able to play more in the city without too much hassle. For that I am grateful, and I’ll use this blog to go on about the things that make me smile, that prick at me, that fulfill me.


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